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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Management: Scientific Technique of Management

A technique is a specific, tested way of performing a specific job. It provides a skilled manner for the effective and efficient completion of a work. It is a practical method or an art applied to some particular task so that differentiation is achieved in result.
“Scientific Principles of Management” as specified by F.W.Taylor provided the basic theoretical or philosophical background for managers to administer and manage an organisation. For properly adhering these principles a practical approach and technique is needed. This need necessitated the formulation of Scientific Techniques.
“Scientific Techniques” have been formulated by Taylor to assist the workers as well as the management in following and implementing the principles of the scientific management and get the work done in efficient manner with minimum wastage. These techniques followed with the scientific principles promise better and quality performance and timely achievement of objectives of organization.
Proper implementation of these scientific techniques in an organisation guarantee effective administration and follow-up, so that any shortcoming can be identified and addressed easily and timely in order to achieve the per defined objectives.

Taylor has listed a number of such techniques: 
  1. Functional Foreman-ship.
  2. Standardization of work.
  3. Simplification of work.
  4. Fatigue Study.
  5. Method Study.
  6. Time Study.
  7. Motion Study.
  8. Differential Wage System.
  9. Mental Revolution.
Advantages of Scientific Techniques:
  1. Helps in practical implementation of the scientific principles of management.
  2. Provides scientific way of performing a specified job.
  3. Makes employees accountable and responsible.
  4. Increases performance.
  5. Increases efficiency.
  6. Minimizes wastage.


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