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Monday, 20 April 2015


Management as a whole is the proper, effective & judicious utilization of different factors of production as land, labour, capital and activities like, planning, organizing, controlling, coordinating in a business or industrial enterprise, so that the ultimate pre-defined goal is achieved.

Now, “Personnel Management” is associated with the managing of human factors, i.e. employees & workers in a business organization. Personnel Management manages employees & workers in a harmonious and satisfactory way for the business or industrial enterprise. It is often known as Personal Administration &   Management.

Few established institutions have given an elaborate scientific definition as given below.

“Personal Administration is that art of acquiring, developing and maintaining a competent work force in such a manner as to accomplish with maximum efficiency and economy, the functions & objectives of the organization.”  This clear cut definition is stated by “Society for Personal Administration of America”.

“Indian Institute of Personal Management” has defined it as “Personnel Management is that part of management function which is primarily concerned with human relationships in the organization; its objective is the maintenance of those relations which enable all those engaged in the undertaking to make their maximum contribution to the effective working of that undertaking.”

On the basis of these definitions the meaning of Personnel Management gets more vivid where a business or industrial enterprise is concerned with the recruitment, development, and retention with good compensation & remuneration of the employees & workers. It has to plan, organize, control, direct and coordinate the performance of human factors for optimum result for the enterprise. It is the human relationships with all the other factors in an organization.


  1. Personnel management is the planning, organizing, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to organizational, individual and societal goals. Thank you so much for providing valuable information. Always keep sharing.
    Ronald Meason St Charles

  2. Thank you so much for sharing valuable information with us. The graphical representation says itself on personal management. Always keep sharing more topics with graphical demonstration.
    Lucia Tapias