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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Production maximization is the basic objective of each and every organisation which serves the purpose of its survival, growth and development. Through this principle Taylor has emphasized on the need of maximizing productivity / output. 

According to this principle the workers as well as the management should try to maximize the productivity of the organization. For this purpose, scientific techniques have been indicated by Taylor which should be followed in the organization. Scientific techniques assure better and improved quality output with minimum or less wastage.
Maximization of output as compared to limited output or fixed output is very beneficial in all facets. Workers, management, consumers and society as a whole will be benefited from this. Maximum output increases the profits of the management and on the other hand workers enjoy an incremented wages. With increased productivity consumers get quality products at just and fair prices as well as the interest of the society at large is also served properly.

Positive Impacts of this Principle:
  • Increased Productivity;
  • Fuller Utilization of available Resources;
  • Satisfied Workers, Customers and Society;
  • Maximized Profit to Management;
  • Motivated Workers; and
  • Better Coordination.

Negative Impacts of this Principle:
  • Quality may deteriorate overtime in desire of profit.


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