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Monday, 22 June 2015

PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT: Characteristics of Management by Objectives – Part-I

The modern approach towards the concept of Management by Objectives has given it the following specific characteristics:-

Determination of Objectives:
The concept of Management by Objectives pays total attention towards the determination of objectives of the organization as a whole, after this the whole is divided into different objects as per the requirement & department so that pre determined goals become achievable.

Team Spirit:
This concept creates a team spirit, as the divided objects are specific goals of departments, which gives an esteemed feeling between the managers and workers or employees.  This helps in achievement because the proposed goal is accepted to each & every individual, forcing willing-fully all to work whole heartedly to achieve.

Within Time Frame:
In the concept of Management by Objectives, the whole pre determined objectives are decided for certain specific period of time as, quarterly, half-yearly and annually or may be more or less time periods and according to this plans are made. The time frame may get extension or reduction as per the needs of the departments and organization.      

Determination of Performance:
This approach of Management by Objectives at first focuses on determination of objectives of the organization. When this has been decided, departments with their objectives have the standards according to which performance is required. This helps in deciding the authority & responsibility for each individual of all the respective departments of the organization and all are responsible to achieve the goals.   

Delegation of Authority:
The approach in the concept of Management by Objectives helps in delegating the authority from top and middle level of management to different departments, managers and subordinates for proper discharge of their respective duties. By doing so the whole management process functions very smoothly.   

Few other Characteristics of Management by Objectives would be presented in second part in future blog.


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