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Sunday, 14 June 2015


Coordination as a process is mutual understanding to achieve predetermined goal of industrial or business organization utilizing all the factors of production. The development of harmonious,
cordial and friendly relationship among the workers or employees and employers lubricates the communication process which in turn directly affects the work and also the desired result.

Koontz & O’Donnell, has defined coordination in these simple words as, “Coordination is the essence of management for the achievement of harmony of individual efforts towards the accomplishment of group goals”.

It is an established fact that co-ordination is the harmonious adjustment & readjustment of predetermined activities for the achievement of the organizational goals. This standardizes the activities and also helps in individual being of multiple departments. Few given specific activities take place as:-

Ø  Establishing the basic coordination of different activities since the commencement of organization,
Ø  Establish logical positive group discussions & consultations among the different capable heads and experts of the various departments of the organization,
Ø  Establish systematic and effective communication between the workers or employees and management,
Ø  Smoothly coordinate the activities of various departments as, finance, production, marketing, etc.

Coordination is the basic endeavor of any industrial or business enterprise, so the individual efforts give the best performance in the organization.

More aspects of ‘Coordination’ will be discussed in further Blogs.


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