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Friday, 12 June 2015


An important process is Control, which keeps the whole system in check so that it moves as per the pre defined parameters.  Control determines the actual status with respect to the planned performance.
It also analyses any unnecessary deviation from the actual prescribed status.

Any untoward movement from the projected lines helps corrective measures to be taken immediately. This process is basically a supportive function to the planning process, which matches the future strategies of organization and checks the misuse of valuable resources & time.

Terry & Franklin had explained it as “Controlling is determined what is being accomplished, that is, evaluating that performance and, if necessary, apply corrective measures so that performance takes place according to plans”. 

Control also keeps the performance of the workforce in check. Control generally involves the following given activities:-

Ø  Collection of data’s of on time result,
Ø  Analyzing the pre determined data’s with actual performance data,
Ø  Check both the types of data’s and locate if there is any anomaly or variation,
Ø  Do scientific & systematic research for anomalies,
Ø  Take all the steps & measures to remove the hindrance or variations,
Ø  Develop systematic process or steps so that re-occurrence of any anomaly or variation is controlled.

Controlling onwards makes planning effective and efficient & futuristic. 

More aspects of ‘Control’ will be discussed in further Blogs.


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