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Sunday, 24 May 2015


Motivation is a very important activity of Management Process. Motivation basically is an urge from inside the worker or employee to perform efficiently and to the best of their individual capacity.

Motivation generally breaks the inertia of employee having an internal feeling & thought to perform minimum activities
in an industrial or business organization. By motivation workers or employees in the organization get an encouragement for enhancing their working capabilities as well as achieving the pre defined goals.

E.F.L. Breach has defined it as, “ Motivation is a general inspiration process which gets the members of the team to pull their weight effectively,  to give their loyalty to the group, to carry out properly the tasks that they have accepted and generally to play an effective part in the job that the group has undertaken”.

On the other hand Edwin B. Flippo has further defined as “Motivation is the process of attempting to influence others to do their work through the possibility of getting rewards”.

Following below activities are carried out in the Motivation Process:-

Ø    Develop an internal feeling in each and every workers or employees to perform in accordance with full coordination & utmost cooperation,
Ø    Develop the best healthy, hygienic and trouble free working environment for the workers or employees,
Ø    Develop one of the best or at par monetary package operating in the similar industrial units or business industry,
Ø    Develop appropriate Leader & Group Leader among the workers or employees of the organization,    
Ø    A clear and visible reward or package for the best performers in specific jobs,

Motivation as understood now a days, is a scientific process inspiring human workforce to put their efforts for an organization, so that performance of duties takes place in the best possible manner according to the respective goals. 


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