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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Direction is a major activity of Management Process. It is regarded heart of administrative behavior of management.

This is one of the basic art of getting thing performed by human beings. Direction involves set of steps and activities to direct in a proper and systematic order and course.
The organizational efforts are initiated, carrying forward the managerial decisions to accomplish the desired result as per the organizational pre determined planning.

This process provides systematic and scientific guidance to the different levels of management, subordinates, workers or employees. Direction establishes mutual understanding, equality and cooperation among all the manpower, so that coordinated activates and motivated commitment is generated towards the attainment of   broader organizational objectives or goals without any deviation

The term has been defined by Theo Haimann as, “ Direction consists of process and technique utilized in issuing the instructions and making certain that operations are carried on as originally planned, Directing is the process around which all the performances revolves. This is the essence of operations; cooperation is a necessary by product of good managerial directing.”

Now it may be said that direction is guiding the activities of subordinates, workers or employees and keeping an eye on the performance towards reaching the greater goals without any variation.

Some of the methods followed during direction are given below:-
Ø  Delegation,
Ø  Communication,
Ø  Order,
Ø  Supervision,
Ø  Leadership and
Ø  Motivation.

An important point to note regarding direction is that if any type of inefficiency percolates in the management then it would drag the whole organization and accomplishment of goals would become difficult or impossible.

More aspects of Direction will be discussed in further Blogs.


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