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Friday, 4 October 2013


‘Cooperation’ means acting jointly, or a union towards achieving the same result. Taylor emphasized that the workers and the management should act jointly and in unison to achieve the organizational objectives. Management as well as the employees are basically the two important component of the organization and without them the organization cannot work properly.

This principle states that the work should be done in cooperation and with mutual confidence. Employees and management should co-operate with each other. A best way to gain full cooperation from the workers is that the management should try to set the goals and standards in consultation with the workers, so that they feel that the goal is set by them and as a result of psychological factor they will co-operate sincerely and willingly to achieve the determined goal.

This principle is very important as no individual on his own can make a change in the organization as well as management will always need workers to implement its plans and procedures; and the workers always need management’s help and inspirational guidance to achieve the specified targets and their livelihood. Thus, the management should try to maintain a cordial relation with the workers and among the workers because management can do nothing without the employees and as a result organization will suffer.

Positive impacts of this principle:
1.     Development of team spirit.
2.     High morale of employees.
3.     Cooperation and coordination in the organisation.

4.     Goals of the organization can be easily achieved.


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