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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


‘Initiative’ means to start, to begin or to instruct in a project. Here, in this principle fayol suggested that each employee should be given an opportunity to take some initiative in framing the functional plan as well as in determining the steps to be taken at each level for proper execution of the plan.

Management must welcome the employees for taking initiatives in forwarding valuable suggestions before the plans are set up for them. When the plans are set up in consultation with the employees they will feel as if it is their own plan and they have to complete it, which will stimulate them to work whole heartedly. This will reduce wastage, absenteeism and maintain a cordial relation between employees and management.

This principle helps the management to know more ways of executing the predetermined plan as the employees give various suggestions. When the employees are involved in such a way in the management they feel satisfied and take each and every necessary step to accomplish the plan. This will make the working environment more interesting, more cooperative and more effective.

Positive impacts of this principle:
Ø  Timely achievement of objectives when they are set in consultation with employees.
Ø Develops sense of belongingness in employees.
Ø  Ensure maximum participation of employees.

Consequences of violation of this principle:
Ø Employees will feel that the plans and goals are not for their benefit and thus will not work with full potential.
Ø   Lacks maximum participation from employees.
Ø   Conflict between the management and employees.


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