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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


'ESPIRIT DE CORPS' here means team spirit and team work. This principle emphasizes on team work. 'UNITY IS STRENGTH' is the essence of this principle. Fayol suggested that there should be a team spirit in the organisation and all the employees must consider themselves as member of the organisation.

The organisation should be considered as a team and all the employees as its member. When the employees are considered as member, it develops a feeling of belongingness among them and thus each of them contributes to the achievement of the organisational goal. This sense of togetherness helps the employees to perform with greater efficiency and positive attitude towards the work.

 This principle is based on two theories - “Unity is strength” and “Unity of staff is the foundation of success in any organisation”. Thus, this principle states that both the workers and management should work together to accomplish the objectives. The reason behind this principle is that, team contribution is always better then individual contribution. 

This principle is very helpful in the organisation as well as in our daily life because this brings a sense of belongingness and association wherever human beings are involved. 

Positive impacts of this principle:
Ø      Achievement of group goals.
Ø      Development of team spirit.
Ø      High morale of employees.
Ø      Cooperation and coordination in the organisation.

Consequences of violation of this principle:
Ø      Non-achievement of the organisational objectives.
Ø      Conflicting environment in the organisation.
Ø      Lacks maximum participation from employees.



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