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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Principle: EQUALITY

“EQUALITY” is the condition or quality of being equal. It means the applicability of same rules and regulations for all employees in the organization irrespective of their religion, sex, caste, colour, creed, language, nationality, grade, position etc. This principle is based on the basic thought that “all employees of the organization are equal”. This principle states that each and every employee in the organization should be treated with equality and in a just and fair manner. There should not be any discrimination on any ground with any employee of the organization. The Executive Officer must be fair and unbiased while dealing with his subordinates.

This equal treatment will motivate the employees to give their whole hearted and maximum contribution towards the achievement of the organizational objective. When the officers are unbiased in their dealing with the employees, the employees will get satisfied and will contribute to their fullest capacity. This will also ensure loyalty and devotion of employees towards the organization, and will enhance the employee-management relationship.

“The Principle of Equality” does not mean that all employees of the organization are equal and must be treated and paid equal salary. It only means equal rules and regulations for every employee without any discrimination.

Positive impacts of this principle:
Ø  Employees feel satisfied.
Ø  Ensures just and fair treatment to all.
Ø  Motivate employees.
Ø  Ensures loyalty of employees towards organization.
Ø  Ensures cordial relationship among employees and management.
Consequences of violation of this principle:
Ø  Dissatisfaction among employees.
Ø  Delay in the achievement of organizational objective.
Ø  Lack of respect towards superiors and work.
Ø  Lack of team spirit.
Ø  Hinders employee-management relationship


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