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Thursday, 9 August 2012


Management is a life giving and dynamic factor which transforms the resources into products and viable services. It directs each and every activity necessary for the achievement of the organizational objectives and goals.

Management helps us to resolve many problems and perform in a better way. Thus it is an important element for success in any field. Its necessity or importance can be easily judged through the following major points.

  • It directs each activity and transforms resources into products and viable services.
  • It helps to face cut throat competition and take advantage of the available opportunities.
  • It helps to attain the pre-defined goals and trace deficiency of any form.
  • It plays a vital role in solving the social issues like unemployment, labour problems, etc.
  • It establishes coordination among various resources of production.
  • It facilitates organizational requirements to perform its operations smoothly.
  •  It helps in long term survival, growth and achievement.
  •  It facilitates best possible use of resources and minimizes wastages.
  • It helps to adopt changes taking place in the modern dynamic business environment.
  • It also helps to follow the applicable corporate laws and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.


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