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Friday, 10 August 2012


An organization is a group of people working together and performing different activities to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve the respective organizational goal. With the passage of time, the size of organizations has gone through tremendous changes and at present very large in sizes and structures. It is now difficult as well as complicated for an individual to hold, perform, and accomplish all the responsibilities and systematically managing the whole affairs. The responsibilities are now divided within the organization depending upon the capabilities of the employees. Thus, the ownership and the management have now been further divided for the smooth functioning as well as maintaining a competitive edge.

In management set up of an organization, there are different levels. These levels act as a line of separation between different positions held by different persons in the organization. These levels depend upon the size, nature, operation and functions of the business. Mainly, three levels are classified in an organization, but these can also be increased with the expansion of business requirement.

The levels are:-

§  Top management.
§  Middle Management.
§  Supervisory or Lower Management


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