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Saturday, 11 August 2012


This level is the top most of the organizational hierarchy and is very vital for any organization because it frames the policies and procedures to be followed to attain the pre determined objectives of the business. They plan and control the whole affairs of the organization.

POSITIONS: This level consists of the Board of Directors, General Manager, Managing Director, Secretary, or any other person holding similar position by whatever name assigned or called.

FUNCTIONS: The specific functions of this level are summed up as:-

§  To draft plan, to decide about the object to be achieved, the process to be implemented etc.
§  To define the general policies and their implementation.
§  To make decisions and take actions.
§  To acquire the capital and make effective use of it by allocating it properly to various activities.
§  To designate position, fix responsibility, and delegate power.
§  To control each activity by proper budgeting.
§  To control cost.
§  To satisfy the society and corporate world.

The other levels of management would be discussed consecutively.


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