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Sunday, 12 August 2012


 This level consists of various departmental heads. At this level the organization is divided into different departments for different activities and each department is headed by a specific person known as the head. The departmental head is accountable for all the affairs of his department or section.

POSITIONS: At this level we have positions namely, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Production Manager, Personnel Manager, Advertising Manager, R & D Manager, or any other similar position held by any person by whatever name called.

FUNCTION: They are as under:-
  • To act as a bridge between top and supervisory level.
  • To interpret the policies framed at top level of management.
  • To implement the plans and policies of Top management.
  • To appoint supervisory employees and delegate them powers.
  • To prepare departmental set up in accordance with the organizational objective.
  • To control their department effectively and efficiently.
  • To motivate employees to perform better.
  • To arrange for training programs for employees.
  • To arrange for incentive scheme.
  • To coordinate with other levels, department and sections, in order to achieve the organizational objective.
  • To lead their department and group.


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