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Monday, 13 August 2012


This level is the last level of the organizational hierarchy. It represents the operational level and acts as a link between the management and the operational labours. They mainly perform the vital function of supervision and inspection of all activities in order to control them. They are responsible for maintaining better working condition at the workplace as well as for arrangement of the required resources, equipment's and other plans for better performance of the workmen.

POSITIONS: This level consists of Supervisors, Foremen, Inspectors and any other similar position held by any person by whatever name called.

FUNCTIONS: This level performs the following:-

  • To act as a communication channel between the management and labours.
  • To represent and communicate the feelings of the labours before management.
  • To communicate the plans and policies of management to the labours.
  • To assist the middle level management in recruitment of new and capable employees.
  • To ensure coordination among different levels and department.
  • To maintain better human relation.
  • To appoint labourers, draft plan for them, and assign them work.
  • To sort out the grievances of workmen effectively, as the lower level management are in direct contact with the workmen.
  • To arrange and acquire the required resources and equipments etc.
  • To provide well working conditions for them.
  • To control by minimizing the wastage, controlling cost and maintaining discipline among labours.
  • To motivate labours.
  • To ensure workers safety and security.

All the three levels of management have been discussed earlier and this is the last part.

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