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Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The concept of management evolved and developed over a long period of time. It is a product of continuous churning of different schools of thoughts by very many different academicians, thinkers and scholars. All have defined management from their perspective in different manner. Some of the prominent views are given below.

At the time of its inception, management was regarded as a psychological process i.e. we can say that during early days it was regarded as a one man job. During earlier period, sole proprietorship was very popular and the whole managerial responsibility remained with the proprietor. The way he managed his business, it was considered as the result of his business capability and skills. It was regarded as the inborn capability of a person. Thus, was considered as a Psychological Process.

Other thinkers and seniors were of the opinion that management was not only an inborn capability but it could be developed by an individual with education, training and experience. This type of thoughts and concepts gave more emphasis on education and training part rather than the inherent inborn qualities & capabilities of an individual. Also, it should be noted that the continuous practice of the knowledge is considered very important.

Earlier Sole proprietorship was very famous form of business but with the developing business realities the complications increased and it was very difficult for one person to manage the whole affairs of the business. Therefore, it necessitated to integrate different strategic skills together for better results. Thus, management of affairs became the result of the grouped and systematic efforts of various related skills and fields, hence management can be considered as a systematic process at this stage.

With technological advancement in the modern business environment management process became necessary to adopt the changes for survival, growth and also to maintain competitive edge in the market. For achieving this purpose management should be performed in a scientific manner by utilizing the scientific principles and techniques. When the scientific principles and techniques are involved in management, it is considered as a science.

At last in the present era, when we are in an ever changing world, where each and every field is correlated and important, management can’t be considered as a separate field or concept i.e. it should not be thought as just an art or science or process but now it has became a result of various integrated fields and disciplines. Management in its present form can thus be considered as “A systematic process which is both an art and a science”.


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