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Sunday, 19 July 2015


Management by Exceptions 

Today the world has become more complex and day to day activities in different fields have changed many folds. The technology and its utility level have changed a lot and so has the utilization. The thinking pattern has also changed a lot. Many new forms of activities have changed the understanding perspective in our lives.

Principles of Business Management is a dynamic field, as our present day business or industrial units are getting very large, their operations are very extensive & dynamic, activities in it are becoming very complicated  and complex day by day.

All this has created to think differently and make a more positive adjustable approach towards understanding Business Management. A further systematic approach has been developed and is often known as “Management by Exceptions”.

The responsibilities of different levels of Management in a business or industrial unit have increased many folds, all this because all types of necessary facts are available and analysis of data’s have become very easy with the technical advancement of machines and system.

So, Management by Exceptions has paved way for smooth processing of all managerial activities. Now it has become essentially necessary that different Levels of Management must be determined and subsequently their right & responsibility, at each Levels of Management must have clear & definite recognition.

To manage this, Top Levels of Management must focus its attention only on consistent determination of general objectives of the unit and should carefully consider the basic general policies and plans for the achievement of these objectives. Top Level focuses on key decisions so that its implementation at other levels is taken immediately, sincerely & seriously. 

Middle Levels of Management must be responsible for the implementation & execution of these policies & plans.  While Lower Levels of Management must proceed to accomplish the day to day basic and routine activities.

Management by Exceptions states that Top Levels of Management should not involve itself where other Levels of Management can perform and achieve results or objectives, on the other hand should concentrate where other Levels of Management cannot proceed or perform. This specified techniques of Management draws attention on exceptional issues or problems, so that their experience, caliber, and abilities may be utilized in a justified way keeping the interest of the business or industrial units intact.

Hence, it may be said that Management by Exceptions is a system where responsibilities to each Levels of Management is strictly determined and has to be followed for the achievements of bigger objectives of the organization.


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