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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT: Ways to Improve Management by Objectives

Management is a dynamic field and it adopts as per the needs of the hour. Many changes have taken place since its inception. Few points are put forward so that Process of Management by Objectives be made further more effective, are as:-

Exact Clarity of Objects:
The Objects of the business or industrial unit must be specifically quantified. The objects should be such that we may understand and judge the quantity of achievements.

Determination of Objectives:
The objectives taken up must be as per the economic & industrial policy of the government, availability of resources in the unit, a time frame for its achievement, genuinely convince to all the concerned and be encouraging. All the workers, subordinates, departmental heads and senior levels of managers must decide objectives on existing facts, its feasibility, prevailing conditions that is present.

Effective & Systematic Communication:
Effective communication with established system between all the workers, subordinates, departmental heads and senior levels of managers helps in mutual understanding and success of organizational objectives.

Inculcation of Team Spirit:
The environment of the organization should be cordial & harmonious. Existence of systematic cooperation & coordination between different levels of managers and workers with negligible conflicts would help in development of team spirit. Team spirit raises their esteem and helps in achievement of the objectives of the unit. 
Motivation to All Concerned:
Achievement & success depends upon whole hearted performances. This may be accomplished only when all in the team are in motivation irrespective of levels, seniority and experience. All should be taken care, as all are part of the family, which makes them feel to be integral part of organization. Timely motivation of all form should be provided as per competencies of the individuals. These are the stepping stones of achievements.

Timely Reviews of Plan & Programmes:
Timely, pre planned objectives with targets are necessary but should have procedure for revival in case of necessity, deviations or any problems. Actual facts should be matched with pre determined and if needs be course correction should be accepted.

Periodical Evaluation:
Systematic & scientific methods must be utilized from time to time to ascertain the actual performance with respect to pre determined targets, so that expense and investment incurred on salaries and incentives may be evaluated & justified and scope for further enhancement to be looked upon.


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