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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


F.W. Taylor introduced the concept of scientific management in which he stated that management is a true science which depends upon cause and effect relationship and clearly defined laws and principles. He is of the opinion that management should be carried out in a much more scientific way so that organizations can achieve maximum results by utilizing their available resources, skills and capabilities, it will also minimize the wastage of resources or the chances of their remaining idle.

Thus, F.W. Taylor suggested some of the principles which are based on research and laws. He said that these scientific principles should be strictly followed in every organization so that the best result can be achieved. These principles are known as ‘The Principles of Scientific Management’ or ‘Aspects of Scientific Management’ or ‘Essentials of Scientific Management’
The principles suggested by F.W.Taylor are as follows:-
1.   Science, not rule of thumb.
2.   Harmony, not discard.
3.   Cooperation, not individualism.
4.   Development of workers to their greatest efficiency and prosperity.
5.   Maximum output in place of restricted output.

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