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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Discipline means obedience, respect for authority, and observance of established rules.

Fayol has emphasized that a sense of discipline should be present in all employees of the organization at all level so that the organization can perform and achieve its objectives in the best possible way.

For maintaining discipline in the organization managers should consider:

·         Clear explanation of the rules;
·         Effective supervision;
·         Reward system on better obedience;
·         Possible provision for penalty on non obedience.

A sense of discipline is needed in all employees at all level in the organization for the smooth functioning of the organization as well as the achievement of the organizational objectives. Some employees inherently possess this quality but some employees need to be induced with the sense of discipline, and the manager must give proper attention to this type of individuals to maintain and improve discipline in the organization.

Top level managers and officers are greatly responsible for maintaining discipline in the organization and for this first of all they have to strictly accept the rules of the organization and follow them so that other employees get encouraged to accept and follow the rules.

Positive impacts of this principle:

Ø  Helpful in achieving organizational objectives.
Ø  Improved efficiency.
Ø  Cordial relation between management and employees.
Ø  Better working environment in the organization.
Ø  Minimization of wastage;

Consequences of violation of this principle:

Ø  Height of disorders.
Ø  Confusion and chaos.
Ø  Wastage of time and resources.
Ø  Conflicting situations


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