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Friday, 27 November 2015

PLANNING: Importance of Planning Part - II

PLANNING: Importance of Planning  Part - II

This is in continuation to my earlier Blog on “Importance of Planning”. Some of the reaming points are explained below:-

Planning Facilitates Control:
After pre determining the objectives, it is also one of the duties in planning to monitor and scrutinize the progress.

Planning sets the standards for future performances, for this, collection of actual data’s are done and analyzed as per the pre decided objectives from time to time. Any variation in both the data’s is further studied, reasons for variations are logically accepted & understood, if any negativities are found then course correction is done.

All this helps management to effectively control the situation as per the requirement. In this way effective planning helps management to control the overall functioning. 

Planning Helps in Economical Operations:
The main aim of planning is to devise policies and programmes in such a way that performance to get maximum output at minimum efforts & costs is achieved. No troubleshooting is accepted in the planning process, and activities take place in the best possible manner. The whole process economizes the operation and brings growth.

Planning Provides Direction:
The main concern of planning is to take a predetermined course of action. This gives direction to the combined efforts of employees & management. Planning clarifies what and how each individual employee has to perform the job. Hence, shows the direction for different operations.

Planning Facilitates Decision Making:
An organization has different departments and most of these are headed by managers or departmental head’s. Planning helps these respective managers / head’s to initiate various required decisions.

Since the goals has been prescribed and individual departmental targets decided in advance, now it is the duty of these manages / head’s to proceed so that objectives and goals is accomplished during the time frame by taking quick, accurate and viable decisions.  

Planning Improves Motivation & Morale:
Planning is pre decided and all employees have to play their role during work performance. Most of these employees feel proud to be part of participating team.

Objectives are decided & communicated, with the delegated authority for successful accomplishment. During the process effective leaders get developed and give their valuable participation to the management.  Management on its parts offers better incentives, wages and salaries, which ultimately raises the Motivation & Morale of the employees.

Hence, whole hearted efforts are given by employees, which in turn help to reach the objectives and goals of the organization.

Planning Encourages Innovation & Creativity:
Planning is futuristic. So it keeps an eye on the changes in business environment, technological advancement, competition and unseen risks. Accordingly it has a standby plan where research and development moves at brisk pace to innovate & create as per the trend, advancement and other requirements. 

Planning in Nation Building:
Planning not only ensures success of the organization but gives its valuable effort & support in the progress and development of the nation.

This ends the second part of “Importance of Planning”.


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