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Thursday, 22 October 2015

PLANNING: Elements of Planning Part - II

PLANNING: Elements of Planning Part - II

This is the second part in continuation to the above topic, “Elements of Planning”.

In an organization, firm and definite plan that spells out what is to be done or not to be done in a certain condition is known as Rule.  Any sort of divergence, deviation and flexibility is not acceptable in following rules & its application also. Hence, Rule is stringent guidelines for actions and permits no discretion.

The Programmes are made to carry out the implementation of the planned work, according to general policies and procedures. Generally a programme is a short plan to perform a particular task or work.

The programme is of different types as short-term long-term, specific, limited, and extensive, etc. This describes the steps to be taken, resources to be utilized, amount of time to be used in each step and which particular employee has to perform and execute the job. These sequential activities aim at putting in practice the policies to accomplish the objectives.

Hence, programme is a combination of these objectives, policies, procedures and rules.

Budget is the financial plan, which explains the expected result in quantitative terms. This ascertains the limit within which the goals have to be accomplished. Not only this, it also measures the overall performances.

Budget is futuristic and an organization has many types of Budgets as, Cash-Budget, Purchase-Budget, Sales-Budget, Overhead-Budget, etc. and all these are specific tools for systematic control, since it is numerical and not abstract.

A strategy is a special type of plan formulated in such a way that it assimilates with the existing primary plan or any optional plan for the successful accomplishment of objective.

This shows that an ultimate objective has to be achieved whatever the circumstance may be. On the other hand we may say that it is the helping adjustment with the changing condition or business environment.

Different type of strategies as Marketing Strategies, Financial Strategies, Production Strategies, Personnel strategies, etc., are designed to tackle or support in reaching specific decision or result. Mostly these strategies depend upon the problem or situation prevailing in the changing world.

This ends the second part of “Elements of Planning”.


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