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Monday, 27 August 2012


This principle states that general interest is superior to the individual interest. And the manager must try to integrate the individual goal with the organizational goal in such a manner so that both the objectives are accomplished with efficiency and effectiveness. The manager directs the employees in such a manner that they work for their objective and ultimately the organizational objective is achieved.

Each and every individual joins the organization with certain expectations and objective. And everyone works to achieve his objective. If the objectives of the individual employee is in the direction of the achievement of the overall organizational objective then there is no problem, but where the employee has an objective which drives him in the opposite direction from that of the organizational objective, the manager must try to reconcile the goals of both, the individual with the organization so as to achieve the objectives. The manager must try to achieve the organizational objective in such a manner that the individual objectives are also achieved.

All this leads to satisfaction among the employees which helps to maintain a cordial relation among the employees and the management. This also facilitates to increase the efficiency of the employees, and leads to harmony in the organization.

Positive impacts of this principle:

Ø  Achievement of organizational objective;
Ø  Coordination between individual and organizational goal;
Ø  Harmony in the organization;
Ø  Increases employee’s respect for the organization.

Consequences of violation of this principle:

Ø  Difficulty in achievement of organizational goal;
Ø  Conflicting situations in the organization;
Ø  Wastage of efforts, time and resources; and
Ø  Delay in work.


  1. Can u please tell me the question we can ask the employee on this principle

  2. well explained,thanks in advance!

  3. thankyou so much this was so helpful!!

  4. thankyou so much this was so helpful!!

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