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Saturday, 18 August 2012


A principle is defined as a fundamental truth which establishes a relationship between cause and its effect. These principles act as a guideline for our actions, as well as they specify what has to be done in a given perspective, situation and how to act in the best possible way with given limited resources in a specific condition.

‘Principles Of Management’ are given by Henry Fayol, popularly known as the ‘Father Of The Principles Of Management’ in the year 1916 in his book ‘General and Industrial Administration’. Initially the book was published in French and English translation of this book was published in 1929.

The fourteen principles given by Henry Fayol are as under;

1. Division of Work;

2. Authority and responsibility;

3. Discipline;

4. Unity of Command;

5. Unity of Direction;

6. Subordination of individual interest to general interest;

7. Remuneration of personnel;

8. Centralisation;

9. Scalar Chain;

10. Order;
·         Material Order
·         Social Order

11. Equality;

12. Stability to tenure of personnel;

13. Incentives; and

14. Espirit de corps.

All this principles will be discussed briefly in the coming blogs………….


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