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Friday, 13 July 2012


We all try to live a planned and organized life, which is only possible when essence of management is applied. Since childhood we need to manage our activities and life and this process goes on at all the different levels and stages of our life. The scope of management is expanding in the modern age and also in all walks of life.

Actually, we all have heard this word “management” in our day to day activity and affair and also have used it well enough, but in real life we have never ever thought how it came into existence. Primitively, the humans used to do their work and use their resources in a planned and judicious manner because during those primitive days, the resources to be used were and are still limited in supply i.e. mostly were present in the surroundings but humans don’t knew how to use them, so they were forced to use judiciously and in an organized way. This art of organized working with resources & their development at different stages of civilization came into existence, as an entirely new discipline known by the name of “Management”.

Since prehistoric times, humans don’t had big machines, enterprises, organizations etc. to manage, but they had to manage whatever they had i.e. food, shelter, family, group, etc. They showed us the way, by managing and management became pervasive and integral part in each and every aspect of life.


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